Our Staff

Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids is a volunteer organization. Actors, crew members, board members and most support staff all donate their time for the love of the organization and theatre. If you would like to join in on the fun please use the Contact or Volunteer page to let us know. There are many ways to help the organization out - publicity, grant writing, backstage, costumes, makeup, ushering, or even baking snacks for the cast and crew during rehearsal.

Our Staff

Kathy Boylon - Managing Director

Kathy Boylon

In July of 2011, Kathy Boylon came to work at Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids as the Administrative Assistant after retiring from Fifth Third / Old Kent Bank where she spent 25 years in the Information Technology area. Kathy is an avid supporter of Community Theater and has worked at all of the theaters in the Grand Rapids area. She has served in almost every capacity from appearing on stage to serving as a Board President of Actors’ Theatre and is still frequently employed as a stage manager for various productions. Currently she is serving on the Combined Theater Scholarship Committee and a Grand Awards Committee. Kathy lives with her cat, Finnegan, in the house she grew up in in Eastown.


Board Members

2019-20 Board Members

  • President: Paul Arnold
  • Vice President: Kathy D'Arcy-Van Wesep
  • Secretary: Diana Michael
  • Treasurer: Len Robinson

Board Members: Brooke Bruce, Janice S. Fonger, Sheila Frank, Diane Hammerman, Michael L. Presant, Ian Reul, Sherri Bergman Robinson, John Robinson, Danira Stanojevic, Judy Subar


  • "Local theater at its best. Truly Grand Rapids' hidden gem"

    -- Amber Brandt    April 10, 2016
  • "We saw "For This Moment Alone" last night. What an outstanding production; very thoughtful with richly dimensional characters fully portrayed. Freddie's eyes are a story unto themselves. Special kudos to Christian Poquette whose set design is almost a replica of my Bubbie's home from when I was a kid growing up in Toronto in the early '50s."

    -- Dave Kagan    April 2016
  • "I found "For This Moment Alone" very poignant with tension-relieving humor and a thoughtful ending."

    -- Celeste Gerke    April 2016
  • "Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids presents a variety of quality productions with enduring messages, excellent staging, acting and directing. (Seldom is there a miss in the years I have attended.) Certainly at least on a par with the best in town, even some with better budgets and bigger hype. The "The Whipping Man" was one of the most emotionally charged plays I've ever seen. Thankfully there were talkbacks after the performances to vent some of the strong feelings the play brought to the surface. Jewish Theatre is the only ethnic theatre addressing universal themes in a Jewish context. See for yourself soon."

    -- Bruce Roller    January 2, 1014
  • ""A Happy End" - It was a good performance last night! Very timely. We always enjoy JTGR performances. You bring some thought-provoking performances to town."

    -- Eric Soya    September 2017