Donate to JTGR

Like most theatre arts organizations, ticket sales do not cover all our expenses. Please consider joining our family by making a DONATION. JTGR is a 501(c)3 organization and your donations are tax-deductable within the limits of the law.

You may make your credit card donation by going to our secure Donation/Box Office online application or the form below. You can also use this form to buy your Season Flex Pass or individual show tickets.

Another option is to open and print a Season Subscription & Donation Form Fill it out and mail to the address on the form.


Amount/Monthly Amount

Macher - (big shot):
$2400+ or only $200/month

Balebatim - (a person of good standing):
$1200+ or only $100/month

Mensch - (a good person):
$750 or only $63/month

Feinshmeker - (a person with fine taste):
$500+ or only $42/month

Yakhsen - (a distinguished person):
$250+ or only $21/month

Zeeskyte - (a sweetie):
$120+ or only $10/month

Chaver - (good friend):

Bubbee - (someone you like):